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God Save the Cream

Curated by Truc Truong, Cakesim: God Save the Cream featured the first live performance collaboration between Truong and hardcore band Winnerz Circle.

Cakeism is loosely defined yet viscerally experienced, poking fun of pseudo-politics, omitting details of all things worth talking about to avoid cancellation, and get paid. Let the House of Cards fall.

Offbeat is a series of live events curated by local contemporary artists who share an interest in performance, community, music, comedy and dance. Presented across the year in ACE’s front room, each artist-as-curator brings their own model for engaging with liveness and togetherness.

She's dead,
let's eat.

Generously supported by

Winnerz Circle

Grace Marlow and the ACE team

Thomas McCammon (photography)

Ben Golotta (videography)

Truong family

Thomas Burford

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